How to straighten the invisible necklace if the cord is twisted?

How to care for and use the necklace so that this does not happen?

A necklace can last a very long time if you use it properly and take care of it regularly. The invisible necklace has stainless steel fittings (gold-plated steel is used for the gold finish). It is a durable material, but some rules must be followed.

how to fix invisible necklace

We have collected tips that will allow your wheel to shine bright and long.

  • Remove the jewelry before going to bed or washing.
  • Protect it from moisture and cosmetics.
  • After removing, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
  • If the crystal is attached to the rope, do not pull it with force on the rope. The frame has sharp edges and will damage or tear the cable.

How to straighten the cable of the invisible necklace?

If you do manage to damage the cable and it is twisted, do not worry and do not throw the wheel out, it may be possible to restore it. You will only need a hairdryer!

how to fix invisible necklace

Turn it on to the hottest mode and keep the cable under the air flow for a few minutes. The cable will straighten and the wheel will look like new.

how to fix invisible necklace

Which straightening methods do we not recommend?

We have explored several ways to straighten silicone cord. We do not recommend using these methods as they may damage the ornament.

  • With an open flame (over a candle or stove ring) - most likely, the cable will simply melt.
  • With an iron - most likely, the cable will simply melt and the iron will be damaged.
  • With hot water - the jewelry has metal parts and the water can damage their coating.

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