Characteristics of horoscope signs

Do you believe in fate?

Zodiac sign and date of birth determine our destiny. Do you believe this statement? Since time immemorial, mankind has studied the connections between birth data and human character, characteristics, and destiny.

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Characteristics of horoscope signs

Find your sign and check if the explanation matches! But remember that we often combine several signs in ourselves, so the explanation may differ from your character.


aries zodiac sign

21.03 - 20.04. Fire sign, the strongest horoscope sign. Aries are fast, active, dynamic and hot-blooded. They are characterized by incredible vitality, excitement and determination.

Aries corresponds to agate and labradorite. Agate develops attention and concentration. Labradorite will protect the ram from failures and promote financial well-being.

Red color suits Aries best - passion, energy and courage.


Taurus zodiac sign

21.04 - 21.05. They are best characterized by peace, harmony and stability. Taurus prefers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere than getting involved in the whirlwind of events. They use their energy very rationally, so they do it more slowly, but a lot and thoroughly.

Taurus stone is agate. It can help with rhetoric - both during business negotiations and during private disputes. Black agate improves the material condition of the bull and promotes enrichment. Blue agate gives energy.

The color of Taurus is green - peace, strength of character and harmony.


Gemini zodiac sign

21.05 - 22.06. Witty, talkative, open and sociable, they easily adapt to a wide variety of life situations. The dual nature of the twins allows them to be changeable, thus often surprising those around them.

The Gemini stone is agate and tiger eye. Agate collects negative energy and transforms it into positive. Tiger eye protects from accidents and material failures, improves health and relationships.

The color of Gemini is yellow, it allows you to get rid of negative emotions, improves your mood.


cancer zodiac sign

22.06 - 23.07. It is characterized by very strong, inwardly directed emotions, although Cancer tends to be quite active and talkative, but never breaks down the protective barrier around itself. Although cold from the first impression, Cancer knows how to listen, pity and understand the interlocutor.

Cancer's stone is pearls - they strengthen intuition.

Green color is suitable for Cancers, it calms and invigorates.


leo horoscope sign

23.07 - 22.08. Leo is aware of his power and knows how and where to use it, to put it to use to achieve his goal. Its ego craves recognition and appreciation. Energetic and gifted. You can't miss the lion - when it enters the room, everyone's eyes involuntarily turn to it, and the lion is very flattered by this attention. Between fame and money, a typical Leo will always choose the former.

Stones – carnelian, amber, sapphire, diamond, emerald, ruby, topaz.

The color of the lion is orange, it symbolizes optimism, energy, activity and soul harmony.


virgo zodiac sign

23.08 - 23.09. Virgo likes to feel important and needed. It carefully approaches each assigned work, studying the details in detail. Thinks logically and organized - Virgo is critical, practical and very disciplined workaholic.

Lapis lazuli helps the virgin to find a common language with people. This stone makes the wearer open, comfortable and cheerful.

Virgo's color is gray. It helps in decision-making, strengthens a serious approach to the matter and creates intrigue.


Libra zodiac sign

23.09 - 23.10. To find harmony and balance in any situation, Libra is ready to compromise. Libras are highly aesthetic, they like the beauty around them and in themselves. Loves compliments.

The Libra stone is amethyst. Improves memory and develops intuition.

The color spectrum of scales is quite diverse - they are all natural colors. Blue, yellow and green - harmonize, improve mood.


scorpio zodiac sign

23.10 - 22.11. Strong mentally, persistent on the way to its goal, it will climb over all obstacles. If offended, can be venomous with a vengeance. A well-developed intuition helps Scorpio in the fight for his own.

The scorpion stone is hematite, it improves relationships in the family and with the people around; gives the energy needed to achieve goals. This stone helps its owner in disputes, discussions and battles.

The color of Scorpio is dark red - energy and passion.


sagittarius horoscope sign

23.11 - 22.12. A bright, positive optimist, Sagittarius easily finds a common language with those around him. To them, Sagittarius seems friendly and generous. Overwhelmed with ideas, he enthusiastically sets out to realize his dreams and success accompanies him.

Turquoise is one of the most powerful stone talismans. This stone has a strong protective field that protects against troubles and misfortunes.

The color of Sagittarius is blue. Blue is a symbol of freedom, depth and infinity.


capricorn horoscope sign

22.12 - 21.01. Purposeful, it always strives upward, stubbornly and persistently works according to its plan, which is always at hand for Capricorn. Emotionally restrained, but loves system and order, meticulously organizes every moment in his life.

Onyx is suitable for those Capricorns who want to always occupy a high position in society and lead people together.

Brown suits Capricorn. It symbolizes pedantry, perseverance, stubbornness, reluctance to change, rejection of changes in life and trust in one's beliefs.


aquarius zodiac sign

21.01 - 19.02. Eccentric individualist, always finds his own way and stands out from the gray mass. Likes everything new, both in technology and around him, often craves change.

Amethyst symbolizes silence and peace, gives emotional balance and brings thoughts into order. This stone is recommended to be worn by Aquarians who dedicate their lives to a great cause. Amethyst gives vitality and develops willpower.

Aquarian colors – blue color. Blue color describes Aquarians as deep and wise people who are able to feel and express their emotions.


Pisces zodiac sign

19.02 - 21.03. They adjust their mood depending on the situation, so they seem friendly and responsive. Focused more on their inner world, sometimes quite introverted, they seem mysterious.

Pearls protect fish from mistakes and adventures, from adverse wishes and envious persons and give lightness and optimism. This stone is recommended to be worn by fish who are engaged in business.

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