How to choose earrings for your face shape

Earrings are the most popular of women's accessories. They never go out of fashion, small or big, they always find their place in both festive and everyday wardrobes. Earrings are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. How to choose the one that will suit you best? We have some tips that you should pay attention to when choosing earrings. Earrings should complement your look and highlight your features.

The shape of the face should be determined from the beginning. Of course, each face is unique, but it has several shapes: oval, square, rectangular, round, triangular, rhomboid, pear-shaped.

face shape

Oval face

An oval face is when its width is one and a half times smaller than its length, it is slightly round and harmonious. In this case, almost all earrings are suitable.

earrings for oval face

Square face

A square face is straighter, its width is the same in the forehead, cheeks and chin. Earrings should harmonize sharpness in the features and make the face longer. Round earrings , drop-shaped earrings or long earrings will suit best. It is better to avoid angular earrings or angular earrings.

earrings for square face

A rectangular face

Rectangular shape – when the width of the face is less than the length, and the width in the temples and chin is the same. In this case, it is necessary to visually forgive additional width in the cheekbones. Large and round earrings , angular earrings or triangular earrings will suit best. Bright stud earrings are also suitable. It is not recommended to choose long and dangling earrings.

earrings for a rectangular face

Round face

Round face - width and length are the same. The face needs to be visually lengthened - drop-shaped earrings will do well. You can also choose the shape of square or rectangular earrings, but the earrings cannot be too bulky.

earrings for a round face

Triangular (heart-shaped) face

A triangular face is defined by wide cheekbones and a narrowed chin. In order for the face to be harmonious, width should be visually added to the lower part of the face. Dangling round , triangular or drop-shaped earrings , as well as earrings in the form of rings, will suit well.

earrings for a heart-shaped face

Diamond face

A diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. Long earrings or fine nails will suit this shape. Massive stud earrings should be avoided, as they will give width to the cheeks.

earrings for a diamond face

Pear shaped face

A pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Fine will suit best earrings , studs or dangling but short earrings.

Hairstyle and earrings

The hairstyle should also be taken into account, so that the earrings fit it and create a harmonious overall image. Both the hairstyle and the earrings should emphasize the features of the face.

The high hairstyle that exposes the neck will be well highlighted by long, delicate and dangling earrings.

If the hair is gathered at the back of the head, delicate, detailed earrings will suit.

For a short cut, it is better to choose earrings that are longer than the hair.

Bright earrings are a good choice for a voluminous hairstyle with curly or curly hair.

Long loose hair can be complemented with delicate nails.

For an asymmetric hairstyle, you can choose asymmetric earrings - put something noticeable on the uncovered ear, and a small, inconspicuous nail on the other.

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