Red sable for luck and protection

A red thread around the arm has been known since ancient times. It is considered a talisman that protects against illness, bad luck and the evil eye. This tradition is found in various cultures and peoples, and is now widespread in Latvia as well. Nowadays, we often see it on the arm of celebrities as well.

Such a simple and at the same time historical talisman, which has come down to us through the centuries, protects its wearer and his loved ones against various misfortunes.

It is believed that the history of the red fox began in Israel (where it is still widespread today). A red ribbon protected the eyes of believers from evil and the blows of fate, because according to the Bible, the tomb of Rachel, the first mother and the embodiment of mother's love, was decorated with a red ribbon.

Our version of this ancient bracelet is a little more luxurious than usual - where without the sparkle of Swarovski! For both beauty and protection:

You can choose the color of the crystal. Protect yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift.

Red protection thread

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