Nela Gems & Grieta's new studio on Avotu Street 1

The opening of Nela Gems & Grieta's new studio took place within Riga Fashion Week . The new collection of clothing brand Grieta was presented at the event.

SS21 Seaside Bride

Between platonic dreams and urban reality. The Seaside bride collection is the urban woman's desire to always feel comfortable and in control of her movements, without losing the charm of the femme fatale and living her childhood dreams. She is the one who plays in the waves and barefoot, on the sea shore, dancing in the white sand, without thinking about tomorrow, she is here, in this place and in the moment. The same woman who rules the city, always on the move, always one step ahead and adding to the space with her presence. She is the soul of society, strength and a beautiful dream. It is the feeling of the distant and seemingly unreachable that suddenly stands before you. Touch, I'm here, feel it?

The collection show took place in a dance format - thanks to KARMA dancers!

Thanks to supporters:

Talava cider


Lights: SIA Ledset

Photo: Tom Norde

Technical support: Feliks Lipskis


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