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Keychain with personalized engraved locket and natural stone

Keychain with personalized engraved locket and natural stone

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Pendant with personalized engraving

A gift idea - a personalized key ring with a text of your choice on the medallion. A small, sweet gift that will always be by your side.

  • Locket 25 mm with personalized text in Great vibes font
  • Text can be placed in two lines, each up to 12 characters (total length up to 24 characters)
  • Stainless steel fittings - locket, chain and key ring
  • Packaged in our NELA GEMS gift box

nela gems jewelry

  • If you want a special design engraving (different font, with symbols, etc.) contact us

  • Amethyst - a stone of prudence, strength, wisdom and protection. Symbolizes truthfulness, health and spiritual wisdom. Cleanses from negative energy. Calms the mind, helps overcome fear, relieves stress and tension, calms anger and brings peace, helps maintain optimism, balances mood swings. Helps with insomnia.
  • Labradorite - a stone of magic. Develops mystical abilities as well as psychic power. Protects the aura - cleanses it of negativity and ensures that energy does not leak. If you are exhausted, it will give you strength. Labradorite has long been considered a stone of money and financial prosperity, it not only attracts but also protects money.
  • Lava - gives stability and calms. A stone of emotional rebirth that allows you to "drop" unwanted emotions and habits. Strengthens self-confidence and helps to realize your wishes - a very good helper for shy and indecisive people. Especially suitable for a hot-blooded character - allows you to control emotions and temperament.
  • Lapis lazuli - for self-confidence, justice, openness. It is a stone of health - promotes spiritual healing, gives peace of mind and willpower, increases physical abilities and cleanses the aura, giving a sense of purity, strengthens friendships and helps solve love problems. As a talisman, it brings the wearer luck, prosperity, happy love.
  • Magnesite - brings peace during meditation. Helps to visualize thoughts. Allows the mind to respond to the desires of the heart, bringing a sense of happiness to the inner world. Improves sleep. Good for health - strengthens and heals the digestive system, blood circulation. Stimulates metabolism, strengthens bones and teeth. Remove, strain, release muscles.
  • Rose quartz - stone of love, opens the heart chakra for all kinds of love. Increases self-esteem, self-confidence, compassion and tolerance. Helps in partnerships and suppresses negative emotions - anger, fear, resentment, as well as heals emotional wounds and sadness, providing inner peace. Heals on a physical and emotional level. Allows you to open up and accept love.
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